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Domain Names for Sale List

by Author Mania

Domain Names for Sale List

The sale is for the domain name only – no content or graphics. If you want a domain, email me with the name of the domain you want and SOLD in the subject line.

Payment is via PayPal using the email address of CindyJCTMedia at (without the spaces). Upon receipt of payment, I will start the transfer process. I will need your name, address, phone number, and email address that you want on the account. If you already have a GoDaddy account, I only need your name, email address, and GoDaddy account number to make the transfer. – $595 – $100 – $295 – $495 – $100 – $200 – $200 – $295 – $100 – $100 – $295 – $100 – $100 – $295 – $2500 – $100 – $295 – $295




Children’s Fiction Book for Sale – Own the Rights

I have a children’s fiction book that I am selling the rights to. It’s unpublished, 1907 words (title included) and appropriate for ages 6 to 10.

The name of the book is Donny and the Dinosaur.

You will own the copyright to the content, full rights, all rights. You can do anything you want to do with it, use it as it is (pretty much ready to go) or edit it and make any changes you wish to – publish it on Kindle, as a physical book, on Nook, iBooks, as an ebook, etc.  Add some drawings, pictures, graphics – perfect!  :)

The price is a flat $300 – if interested, email me at CindyJCTMedia at with the subject line SOLD DONNYDINO BOOK.  I accept payment via PayPal only. Buyer will receive the content as a Word email attachment.

Children's Fiction Book for Sale - Own the Rights



Have You Tried Fiverr?

by Author Mania

Have You Tried Fiverr?

Fiverr is the place to go for just about anything you’re looking to have done for online business. Yes, seriously! You can get professional services of all sorts done for you.

Do you need a logo design? Design of a logo isn’t something a lot of people can do, and it’s nice to know that you can get professional logo creation services for just $5.

If you’re a writer, no doubt you’re publishing for Kindle. This means you want a professional book cover design. You’ll also want to check out the $5 graphic design services for creating banners to help advertise your online business, books, etc.

Maybe you want a good T-shirt design, illustration, business cards, web design, banners or headers for your website, ebook covers, photo editing – all of these graphic design services and more can be found on Fiverr!

And that’s not even including all the other services like writing, seo services, editing, video services, programming, online marketing, website services, etc. And the list goes on and on!

Seriously, go check out Fiverr for whatever you might need or want.



Kindle Instant Character GeneratorMike Rogers just released this amazing software called Kindle Instant Character Generator. If you write fiction or if you’re thinking about writing fiction, you will want this!

It’s on a dime sale, meaning that the price goes up each time someone buys it, so you’ll want to hurry to get the best price. Right now, it’s at $7.43 – a steal for what this software does!

In short, this software generators characters and the characters profiles. This is such a helpful tool and a huge time saver! I am already using it to create character profiles and save them for my fiction books.

Click Here to Grab Kindle Instant Character Generator.

When you go to the sales page, there’s a short video that shows what the software does and just how easy it is to use it.

This is the review I posted about it (as BlondieWrites):

I received a review copy of Kindle Instant Character Generator.

I found the software super easy to use. It took me basically less than a couple of minutes to know how to use it (and I am not that tech savvy), so I think anyone would be able to use it with ease. That’s a huge plus for me – the ease of use.

Kindle Instant Character Generator allows you to choose whether to generate a male or female character, or you can choose to generate either. Each character generated has a lot of possibilities (that can be left as they are generated or edited and expanded upon): Name, age, gender, nationality, height and weight, eye and hair color, education, romances, occupations, relatives, skills and hobbies, quirks, and motivation.

I like the fact that you can use the character generator to easily generate characters of just about any age also.

With each individual generated character, you can turn the edit mode on to edit any details that you might wish to for that particular character. It’s super simple – just a click of the edit button. Before generating a new character, you have to turn the edit mode off. Again, super simple – just click the edit button again, turning it off.

There’s no having to look for buttons or taking hours (or weeks) trying to figure the software out. Everything is set up in such a way that there’s nothing difficult about using the software. It’s THAT easy to use.

Saving the characters that you generate is also super simple, and that’s what I like about this software more than anything – the ease of saving the character files. With just the click of a button, you can save as a .txt file, .rtf file, and/or as a .doc file. You can also copy to clipboard.

The ease and ability of saving the characters like this makes it super easy to save any generated fictional characters and then go back later and edit or expand on the character profile, using the file that you saved to your computer or external drive.

For a person that writes fiction or has been wanting to write fiction, this is a huge time saver – in terms of using the software and for generating fictional characters.

This is the best (and only) software or character generator that I’ve seen that puts out as well as it does and is this easy to use in creating characters.

I highly recommend it to anyone writing fiction or who wants to write fiction – new author or established author.

Click Here to Grab Kindle Instant Character Generator.



Pre-Written Fiction Plots to Help You Write Your Kindle Book and Get Published

If you’re a fiction writer or you’ve been thinking about writing a fiction book, you’re going to love these fiction plots! It’s not always easy coming up with a new idea for a fiction book.  Or maybe you’ve got a general idea of what you want to write about but just don’t know where to go with it.

That’s where these fiction plots can help.  Romance suspense plots, Christian and inspirational plots, mystery plots, romance plots, new adult romance plots, science fiction and fantasy plots, paranormal romance plots, historical romance plots, thriller plots, detective plots, children’s book plots, paranormal plots, and more!

Each set contains 10 plots – and trust me when I tell you that when you grab one set of these plots and see just how good they are, you’re going to most likely want all of them!  Yes, they are THAT good!

Fiction Plots – Book Series Plots – NEW!
10 Western Romance Fiction Plots – NEW!
10 Romantic Suspense Pre-written Fiction Plots #2
10 Romantic Suspense Plots
10 Children’s Book Plots
10 Christian/Inspirational Fiction Plots
10 Sci-Fi Plots Package 1
10 Historical Romance plots
10 Mystery/Suspense Fiction Plots
10 Mystery/Detective/Thriller Plots
10 New Adult Steamy Plots
10 New Adult Romance Plots
10 New Adult Romance Plots Set #2
10 Thriller Fiction Plots
10 Romance Fiction Plots
10 Paranormal Romance Plots
10 Paranormal Plots #2
10 Romantic Fiction Plots





Book Cover Pro Software – creates Kindle book covers really fast!

Get it at:

I just found this and it’s totally cool. I am going to way too much fun using this. Plus You’ll never have to pay someone to make you a Kindle book cover again!

* WYSIWYG editor – point and click easy
* Developers license so you can sell book covers to your clients
* 50+ built-in book cover templates
* Over 100 different backgrounds for your books
* 227 different graphics (icons, ribbons, etc.)
* Ability to upload your own graphics and backgrounds
* Download as 2D flat kindle book cover or 3D info product cover

They are going up on the price on April 14, so grab it now and save money.

Get it at: