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Pre-Written Fiction Plots to Help You Write Your Kindle Book and Get Published

If you’re a fiction writer or you’ve been thinking about writing a fiction book, you’re going to love these fiction plots! It’s not always easy coming up with a new idea for a fiction book.  Or maybe you’ve got a general idea of what you want to write about but just don’t know where to go with it.

That’s where these fiction plots can help.  Romance suspense plots, Christian and inspirational plots, mystery plots, romance plots, new adult romance plots, science fiction and fantasy plots, paranormal romance plots, historical romance plots, thriller plots, detective plots, children’s book plots, paranormal plots, and more!

Each set contains 10 plots – and trust me when I tell you that when you grab one set of these plots and see just how good they are, you’re going to most likely want all of them!  Yes, they are THAT good!

10 Romantic Suspense Pre-written Fiction Plots #2 – NEW!
10 Romantic Suspense Plots
10 Children’s Book Plots
10 Christian/Inspirational Fiction Plots
10 Sci-Fi Plots Package 1
10 Historical Romance plots
10 Mystery/Suspense Fiction Plots
10 Mystery/Detective/Thriller Plots
10 New Adult Steamy Plots
10 New Adult Romance Plots
10 New Adult Romance Plots Set #2
10 Thriller Fiction Plots
10 Romance Fiction Plots
10 Paranormal Romance Plots
10 Paranormal Plots #2
10 Romantic Fiction Plots



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Book Cover Pro Software – creates Kindle book covers really fast!

Get it at:

I just found this and it’s totally cool. I am going to way too much fun using this. Plus You’ll never have to pay someone to make you a Kindle book cover again!

* WYSIWYG editor – point and click easy
* Developers license so you can sell book covers to your clients
* 50+ built-in book cover templates
* Over 100 different backgrounds for your books
* 227 different graphics (icons, ribbons, etc.)
* Ability to upload your own graphics and backgrounds
* Download as 2D flat kindle book cover or 3D info product cover

They are going up on the price on April 14, so grab it now and save money.

Get it at:


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45 Images to Use for Your Books, Blogs, Etc – $5

Here’s a great resource for getting cheap royalty free images that you can use in your info products, kindle books, on social media, in blog posts, and more.

Go to:

Kelly McCausey has put together a new program where you get 25 royalty free graphics every month – plus 10 background images, too.

Here’s what you get for $5:

* 25 Exclusive Royalty Free Stock Photos
* 10 Royalty Free Background Images
* 10 Chat/Quote Bubbles

Get it now for only $5 – this is early bird pricing, and it goes away soon, so hurry to get this price!

After you subscribe for $5, you will get an email that says to confirm your subscription. BE SURE to open this email and confirm your subscription to get the link to your graphics!

The link again is


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Market and Promote Your Book on Facebook: Technology

One thing about marketing and promoting your book on Facebook is that it can take a lot of time if you’re not aware of all the different technology available to help you make it a breeze. You don’t really have to do it all yourself or even have a single creative bone in your body outside of your ability to author books. When creating your Facebook marketing strategy consider trying one or more of these awesome software applications. — With this software you can use many different apps for one price so that you can manage your content, promote your book, and build your brand easily. There are apps for pretty much everything from the first impression’s app to the show & sell app. You can create awesome landing pages, custom contact forms, surveys and more with all the apps available with North Social. Great for promoting and marketing your book on Facebook. — You can use this app to create, promote and track your book marketing campaign. You can use their easy templates to make awesome Facebook Pages, and unlock over 20 apps to use to make your Facebook page better such as contests, coupons, video, email forms and more. You can also integrate your Facebook with Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media accounts easily. This also has a convenient WordPress blog feed app.

PageModo — Want to design a great cover photo easily? Want to schedule posts? What to create customized tabs and run contests? Well PageModo has it all. This app makes it super easy to create new cover images so that you can keep your cover images fresh and new. You don’t need any design skills or coding experience. Just use the awesome templates provided and have fun too. They even offer some free stock photos to choose from to help you. Try it for free. — WeBuzz lets you customize your Facebook Page easily. You can embed your website onto your Facebook Page, create a more attractive photo gallery, integrate your YouTube Channel, highlight your most important information, run polls, create virtual gifts, run a countdown until your book is released, and so much more. Start free, and then choose a plan that works for you. They also have an excellent tutorial.

Part of marketing is knowing which tools to use, when to use them, and how to use them. As an author you know you want to market and promote your book on Facebook, but you might not be sure about all that is available to you when it comes to Facebook Marketing. Whether you’re trying to attract a publisher, or whether you’re happily self-published Facebook can open up many doors and even a window or two when it comes to marketing and promoting your book.


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How to Market and Promote Your Book Using Facebook

Marketing and promoting your book on Facebook has never been easier. You can use apps to manage your marketing campaigns, pages and groups to create ultimate interaction between you and your fans, so that they can’t wait to buy every book that you promote.

Facebook Apps to Help with Marketing

There are many different types of apps that you can use with Facebook to help you with marketing and promoting your book.

Heyo — This is a full featured social marketing system. You can use it to create awesome Facebook marketing campaigns including contests with the Facebook Timeline contest Creator. You can even build buy buttons and more to sell right on your Facebook pages. You can use the system for social, mobile and web promotions. This is just to mention one. There are many other Facebook apps to help with marketing.

Facebook Groups — You can set up a Facebook group for each book that you write and even before you finish writing the book. You can have contests; let your fans contribute to ideas in your book and more. The fans will love you for it and be ready to buy your book the moment it’s released by the publisher. Nothing like having a legion of fans ready to buy the minute your book is ready. Creating multiple groups, one for each book, and one group to discuss all your work will give you another avenue of promotion and marketing your book on Facebook.

Facebook Author Page — It’s really important to create a Facebook Page for you as an Author. Publishers can also use special codes and tags that allow them to add an author tag, which is a lot like a follow button so that readers can follow the author just when highlighting the announcement. Creating your Author page is very easy just sign in to your personal account, then scroll down to Pages on the left, click it, then click “create a page. Choose Artist, Band or Public Figure to make your Author Page. Use this page to promote all your work as an author.

Facebook’s Embedded Posts — This is a new change being rolled out that will help you embed public Facebook posts elsewhere. Just click the little arrow to see what is offered on any post you’ve created and you have the choices of Hide, Report/Mark as Spam, Follow Post and now Embed Post. You can click Embed Post and grab the code that lets you embed the post anywhere you want on the web like your webpage. People can like and share the posts right from your webpage too. If someone wants to comment on the post it takes them directly to the post on Facebook.

Don’t forget to grab your vanity URL for every page or group that you choose and create custom Facebook pages too. This will help you market your books better because you will show you as a professional author that is proud of her books. Also, Facebook will not be a replacement for your Author’s Web Page. Your Webpage should be the hub of all your marketing activities, including your Facebook marketing. If you want to marketing and promote your book on Facebook you should get started now.



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Have a Facebook Group to Promote Your Book

Using Facebook to market and promote your book is an excellent way for an author to gain a following, as well as to keep fans excited. Your website and Author Page on Facebook are fun and great ways to market your book, but if you really want to get close with your fans, creating a special Facebook Group in addition to your Facebook Pages is a great idea.

Creating a Facebook Group is simple. Just go to your home page, go to the groups section and click create group. You’ll be able to add a group name, add members, and the most exciting feature, you can make your group private. This means that you can set up a private group only for people who have actually read your book. You can invite people who have ordered your book. If you think ahead for future books you can mention the group in the Appendix of your book. It’s a great way for your fans to congregate, discuss your book, and for you to interact with them in a one-on-one basis.

People who have read your book will often crave more information even after having read the entire book. They might like to delve deeper into why you said something you said in the book or why you chose a certain story line if it’s a creative novel or certain technology if it is a technical book. The great thing about getting closer to your readers is that they’ll be that much more likely to purchase your next book and that’s the key to making great money selling your books: An excited and enthusiastic fan base.

You can also create an open group if you prefer. The group will allow your group members to converse among each other and you to converse with them. In this case you might want to create a group to discuss all of your work and allow your fans to ask you questions and post information relating to your niche. It’s up to you how open or closed you want a group to be. You can even appoint moderators in order to help cut down on spam if your group is open.

Building a community of eager readers is an exciting aspect of creating a Facebook group to help promote and market your book on Facebook. Facebook groups can not only be ways to market and talk about what you’ve already created, but they are good tools to use for future books and future projects. When you have a rapt audience who will answer questions and communicate with you, your next book will practically write itself and be custom made for your audience.

If you don’t start the book club, your fans might start one for you. It’s not bad if fans make groups about your book, but if you get in on the ground floor of creating a group for your book yourself, you’re the one who will benefit from the attention of your audience. You can begin your book club talking about each chapter one at a time, starting at the beginning. If the group is closed you won’t be putting up any spoilers, but you will learn a lot about how the readers felt reading each chapter as well as get great ideas for future projects.



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Creative Book Promotion with Facebook

As an author you want to be as creative as possible when marketing and promoting your book to the public. You want to get started promoting yourself and your book(s) as soon as possible so that you can build a fan base even before you release your book. Even if you’ve already released your book, you can still get moving on Facebook marketing and promotion. Follow these steps.

1. Create an Author Website — No social media accounts can substitute for a well made Author’s website. Your Author’s website will be the hub of all your marketing activities. It will be where your content lives, where you can sell your book(s), show the ways to connect with you online and where your upcoming appearances are. Put a nice headshot on your “About the Author” page, and don’t ever forget to remember your call to action. If you want them to “sign up”, “connect”, “order”, or “download” you’ll need to tell them.

2. Create an Author’s Page on Facebook — Your author’s page on Facebook should be separate from your personal Facebook page. It’s easy to create a new page just sign in to your personal account, then scroll down to Pages on the left, click it, then click “create a page. Choose Artist, Band or Public Figure to make your Author Page.

3. Create a Product Page for Your Book on Facebook — In the same way that you created a new Author Page on Facebook you can also create a product page specific for your book. If you have more than one book you can create a separate page for each book. This will enable you to create better and more focused advertisements for each book that you write and make Facebook marketing and promotion easier.

4. Create a Group Page for Your Book on Facebook — Another fun thing you can do when marketing and promoting your book on Facebook is to create a special Group Page just for your book. A group page is fun because it has more features allowing your audience to communicate with you and each other. You can make a page like this private so that only people who have actually ordered your book know how to join.

5. Create Content to Share — When you have all these different places to promote your book ready you’ll need to create a constant flow of content to attract your fans and potential fans from across the Internet. You can use snippets from your book, share reviews of your book, create a book trailer using video and, and more. Some content ideas might be to share quotes that you love, articles that you’ve written or that someone else wrote that you enjoyed, photos and videos that are fun or informative are great ideas too.

Even as an author you may sometimes run out of ideas on your own to keep the content flowing. If that happens you can actually hire someone to help you, or you can ask other authors to guest post on your blog. You can also ask someone to interview you and put it on your website’s blog. All the content that you create will be shared across all your Facebook real-estate so that you can connect with fans and future fans.


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